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MXDominion’s Shoe Size 7 US

7 US

37-38 Euro Size

5UK Size


23.5 CM


CrushGoddess crushing beetles and cicada with foot heel video 11:19 minutes $10


CrushGoddess crushes beetles and cicada barefoot with heel of foot 11:06 $10



Crush Goddess Barefoot Cicada blue sandal inshoe and outside shoe crush 3:37 $5




CrushGoddess Barefoot Cicada Crush Video Duration 15:05 minutes video price $10



CrushGoddess Crushing Baby Cicadas Barefoot Video Duration 13:41 minutes Video Price $10



Cicada Wax Play & Barefoot Crush Video Duration 12:11 Video Price $10



CrushGoddess inshoe and Outside Shoe Crush of Cicadas in Blue Sandals Video 3:32 mins Vid Price $5




CrushGoddess crushing baby cicadas in crocs inside and outside of shoe video 6:04 minutes video $10



CrushGoddess crushing baby cicada crush in black sandals video 10:18 minutes video price $10




CrushGoddess crushing cicada in white sneakers video 2:35 minutes price $5





CrushGoddess crushing Cicada with butt video 3:01 minutes $10


CrushGoddess Buttcrush cicadas in white shorts butt 8:50 minutes video $10


CrushGoddess crushing cicada in crocs video 9:18 minutes video price $10