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Crushgoddess’s Shoe Size 7 US

7 US

37-38 Euro Size

5UK Size


23.5 CM

Stomping roach in black flats (video) 1.17 mins 0.99

hissing and dubai roach stomping 8 mins $10

Roaches in boiling hot tea full version 7:13mins $10

Roach crush with car 6:00 min $10

Qualivefeet Running over Roaches 7:18 long version of roach crush with car 5:22


Crush goddess and Qualivefeet running over Roaches 5 min $10


CrushGoddess and Qualivefeet crushing roaches with car 14:13 min $20

Crushgoddess and Qualivefeet roach crushing in heels $10

Crushgoddess and Qualivefeet stomping Roaches in heels $10



Pouring Hot tea on roaches 3:03mins $5

Popcorn and roach stomping in sexy black heels 5:36 $10

Crushgoddess roach crushing barefoot while arching foot 


Crushgoddess roach crushing in combat boots 4:44 $5

Crushgoddess roach crushing barefoot with booze on soles 11:13 $10



Crushgoddess roach crushing hissing roach barefoot 4:04 $5

Crushgoddess roach crushing barefoot 10:29 $10


Crushgoddess roach crushing barefoot in tub 8:00 $10



Crushgoddess roach crushing barefoot 13:46 $15


Crushgoddess roach crushing in nylon socks 16:30 $15




Thiccrush  butt crushing baby roaches 5:10 $10




CrushGoddess and Thiccrush  crushing roaches in lace socks and flats 8:58

CrushGoddess crushing roaches barefoot 13:22 $10


CrushGoddess crushing roaches in clear heels 6:44 $10 




CrushGoddess crushing roaches in clear heels 6:46 $10



CrushGoddess crushing roaches in black heels 5:36 $5




CrushGoddess drowning roach in pee 2:25 $15



CrushGoddess barefoot crushing Dubai Roach 4:03 $5




CrushGoddess barefoot crushing bananas in bucket with beetles, and roaches 11:26 minutes video price $10



CrushGoddess ButtCrushing Roach Cushion Duration 8:46 video $10





Two Goddesses Crush Baby Roaches in High Heels Video Duration 6:06 minutes $10 Video




CrushGoddess Crushing roaches in vans Sandals Video Duration 7:12 minutes Video Price $10



CrushGoddess Barefoot Roach Crush with JOI Video Duration 7:38 minutes Video Price $15




CrushGoddess Showing off legs Crushing Roaches Video Duration 7:24 minutes Video Price $10




CrushhGoddess Sitting Crushing Roaches Barefoot 13:46 minutes Video Price $10



Crush Goddess Crushing Roaches in Nylon Socks 13:06 minutes Video Price $10



CrushGoddess Crushing Roaches in blue Sandals 5:03 minutes Video Price $10




CrushGoddess Barefoot Roach Crush Video Duration 3:43 minutes Video Price $5


CrushGoddess Crushing Roaches in Pink Sneakers Video Duration 15:29 minutes Video Price $15


CrushGoddess  Cigarette VS. roach 1:48 $5

Crushgoddess inshoe crush with roaches in crocs video duration 5:36 minutes video price $10



CrushGoddess trampling roach into paste and showing off messy feet video 7:07 minutes video $10



CrushGoddess baby roach butt crush video 2:22 minutes price $10





CrushGoddess crushing roaches in nylon socks video 17:45 minutes price $10


CrushGoddess Butt crushes baby roaches 5:10 video $10


CrushGoddess Barefoot Crushing 5 Roaches 4:04 Video $5




CrushGoddess Barefoot hissing roach crush 8:17 video $10



CrushGoddess roach crush in heels wearing red and black gown video 5:06 video $10



CrushGoddess Barefoot cricket crush with rubbing alcohol 7:07 minutes $10



CrushGoddess buttcrushes baby roaches in tan panties video 6:00 minutes $15


CrushGoddess crushing Roaches from jug with net 15:59 minutes $10


CrushGoddess sitting & crushing then standing & stomping roaches and piling up 12:46 minutes $10


CrushGoddess crushing roaches in smelly, stinky, lace socks video 6:01 minutes $10


CrushGoddess having barefoot roach crushing fun video 7:40 video price $10



CrushGoddess Crushing hissing roaches in sneakers & lace socks video 15 minutes $15


CrushGoddess spitting on roaches and crushing barefoot video 15:25 minutes price $15


CrushGoddess crushing roaches in one nylon sock video 17:02 minutes video price $10