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MXDominion’s Shoe Size 7 US

7 US

37-38 Euro Size

5UK Size


23.5 CM

Custom fetish candies and baked goods

Fetish made to order baked goods such as penis shaped chocolate, foot shaped chocolate, breast shaped chocolate and other fetish related custom baked goods.
Foot Chocolate
Chocolate seasoned with my soles.

Toe bread

Bread worn in shoes and socks

I wear them in my shoes and socks as I workout and walk around for 24 hours
Food in between my toes
I crush food/ a meal with my soles and send it to you to enjoy
 Candy from in-between toes

If you have a foot fetish you will enjoy my foot fetish candy. I wear candy such as gummies, skittles, M&Ms and others of you choice in between my toes, in my shoes and in my socks. Items are $50 for 24 hours. Items are $50 for 24 hours if you want more then 24 hours be sure to message me let me know when you make your order.

buy my Used Shoes

My smelly, well worn shoes

buy my dirty socks
Smelly, Stinky socks, made to order. I currently have nylon, lace and cotton socks, tan, white and black. I will wear the socks for $25 for 24 hours and $25 for each additional day I wear the socks. how long you want me to wear the socks.

buy my Goddess Brew (a special type of custom fetish wine, it varies on each customer and their fetish).

Wine goggled in goddesses mouth

Feet soaked in tea

buy used panties
my dirty panties are made to order. I have cotton, silk, thongs and more. Message me to see what you like.  I will wear the panties for $25 for 24 hours and $25 for each additional day I wear the panties.
buy my trash $200 shipping included 
Buy the trash of a goddess
buy goddess dust (foot dust) $40
buy the dead skin a scrape off  my feet.
buy my pubic hair $25
buy my toe nail clippings $25
buy my Goddess nectar (urine) $100
buy my Goddess spit $25
buy my dirty pantyhose and thigh highs $40

buy my dirt underneath nails $10

buy my used bathroom toilettes $40